Nexus 7 Webcam attached update

I forked the original simplewebcam app by neuralassembly and added the mode change (chmod 666 etc.) to the application itself.
When using the application you will thus be prompted to allow super user rights.

If you already installed the original simplewebcam app you will have to remove it first before installing the new app.

Please be advised that this app is provided without any warranty.



  • USB OTG Cable
  • Webcam with moderate power consumption (tested with Logitech – C500 )
  • Rooted Nexus 7
  • forked Simplewebcam App  (Download apk)

1. Plug in your Webcam to the Tablet

2. Start Simplewebcam App

3. Grant Superuser rights when prompted

4. You should see your Webcam output


In case the above instructions do not work for you please follow the steps in the previous post to make sure that the webcam works.